Most love stories begin when boy meets girl, but ours began when boy and girl decided to move halfway across the world from each other.  

Our story has been one of distance and digital -- meeting in the busy streets of Shanghai and then leaving soon after (Nino in end 2012, and Carmel in early 2013) to follow our respective adventures as a nature boy in Yogyakarta and as a city girl in Paris.  Four cities and four years later, we're about to embark on our biggest adventure yet.  And much like the rest of our story, our wedding will involve long distances too.  

As people learned of the wedding plans taking shape last year, the most popular question was, "Why are you walking for the wedding?"  (A close second and third were, "Do the guests have to walk too?" and "Are you going to wear your wedding gown on the walk?")

Over one casual lunch as friends in Shanghai in 2011, we discovered our shared dream of walking the famous Camino de Santiago in Galicia, Spain.  We decided then and there to do the walk wherever we may be two years down the line.  Two years turned into three, four and five until we realised that living on opposite sides of the world made it almost impossible to make the walk happen.  But life worked itself out, and what started out as a shared dream between friends is now the start of a shared adventure as husband and wife.

Many people find themselves walking down the aisle as a start to their marriage; our aisle is a 332km walk to the altar in Santiago de Compostela.