It was such an unexpected plan to have one day trip to explore another part of Jogja, one of our friend in BHUMI told us about this gorgeous beach located in Gunung Kidul Regency. Long short story we decided to escape from humid weather of Jogja to breeze and warm sunshine on the beach. Why did I feel excited about this beach? Well, you will see the reason later, so keep reading. 

We rented a car for whole day trip and the trip was pretty cheap by the way, it only costs you IDR 250.000/person which include transportation, lunch, entrance fee for the beach and for the ancient mountain. So, we started our trip at 09.00 am and it was such a sunny day. It took about 2 hours of drive to arrive at the beach (but don’t worry you won’t get bored because you will see a very beautiful sightseeing and a very green part of Jogja). 

At that time when we arrived, the beach was still quite and not too crowded and without any hesitate, I changed to my swimwear and dive into the clear blue water of Ngandong Beach. If you want to drink a coconut from the place, don’t worry about that, you’ll get the fresh coconut for only IDR 15.000. The sea, the breeze, the sun and a fresh coconut, what else you need, fellas? It was the best time of the day. And still in the beach area you can explore and see the whole beach from a small hill. After explored beach area for 10 minutes, suddenly rain came and we had to protect our beloved camera. After make sure that camera on the most safety place in the beach, guess what? We swam back in the rain again and the waves were pretty good at that time.  


Ding.. ding.. Ding.. It was the lunch time alarm, buddy! What we got for our lunch? We got rice (of course), fried squids and a good stir-fry water spinach. After finished our lunch we explored the beach a little bit more, took some pictures and just sat down on the sand while enjoyed the breeze and decided to get ready because we will go to another place which is an ancient mountain. It takes about an hour drive from Ngandong Beach. Why so rush? Because we wanted to see sunset from the mountain. 

Unluckily, in our way to the ancient mountain, the sky started showed their dark side and we knew that the rain will start to pour down. Actually, we fell asleep on our way to the mountain, maybe because we played too much on the beach. The car stopped and it was drizzled and sky still dark but we still decided to hike the mountain. Well I will make a confession I’m not a mountain person, I don’t like to hike because it really hurts my body but my friends encouraged me that the view is unbelievable and gorgeous so I should join them to the top. I took my first step and I knew that hell had waited me up there. And guess what? I never make it to the top because I decided to stop at the first post and back to the car.


It was almost 18.30 when my friends arrived from hike and we decided to see the city from the Starry Hill. It only took 20 minutes to arrive at the Starry Hill. We stopped at one of the street vendor to enjoy the city and buy some foods of course, so let me tell you guys it was insanely gorgeous (I couldn’t explain you how beautiful it was) and the sky was clear, I could see the moonlight and the sparkles from the lights in town. It was such a great thing to end your day. After saw the city of light we went back to BHUMI Hostel.